So where to start?

If you are interested in carrying your baby there are many different ways to do so. The following is a list of popular types of slings and carriers that you can safely and comfortable carry your baby in!

First of all think about where, when and how often your going to be carrying your baby and what you need from a carrier. Don’t forget to keep age and size of baby and parent in mind too!


Woven Wrap

This is one long piece of woven material that comes in many different sizes ranging from size 1 – size 8. Sizes between 2 and 6 are more commonly used.
There are a lot of different carries to be done with a woven wrap. Baby can be on your front, hip or back.

Size 6 is often recommended as a starter wrap and most carries can be done with this length. The length may differ slightly between brands but the sizes are normally as follows:

Size 8 – 5.6m
Size 7 – 5.2m
Size 6 – 4.6m.
Size 5 – 4.2m
Size 4 – 3.6m
Size 3 – 3.1m
Size 2 – 2.7m
Size 1 – 2.2m

They all can be bought from a lot of different retailers – therefore different colours, designs and materials! Some of the retailers are; Lenny Lamb, Oscha, Kokadi, Hoppediz, Natibaby, Wrapsody…..and the list goes on!! Therefore come in many different blends of material – Bamboo, Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Cashmere, Wool and Silk.

Woven wraps can be life-long friends but they do take a little more time to master!

Stretchy Wraps

These are similar to Wovens as they are one long length of material but they are made of a stretchy fabric. Two types – One way stretch and two way stretch.

Some types of stretchy wraps may only be supportive until baby gets to around 6 months due to the weight of baby. Whereas other types (such as Je Porte Mon Bebe JPMBB) can be supportive for much longer and each retailer recommends what carries can be done with their wrap.

Stretchy wraps are often recommended for front and hip carries only but wraps like JPMBB can support baby carried on your back. TICK guidelines as well as the manufactures always need to be followed to keep you and baby safe and comfortable.

The great thing about stretchy wraps is that any size parent can use them and the famous pre-tie can be used to take baby in and out how you please without adjustment. Therefore making them extremely easy to use. Some brands of carriers are made of this material and are used for the same age children such as the Close Caboo or the Papoozle.

Places to purchase stretchy wraps include; JPMBB, Moby, WAHMs, Wrapsody and Kari-me plus many others!

Mei Tais

A Mei Tai is a panel of fabric with waist straps (to be tied in secure double knot) and shoulder straps.

The can be purchased in many different forms but regularly come in one size, or baby & toddler.

They can be easy for quick ups and downs for older babies and require less work to be put on. They can be made from woven fabric or cotton etc. They can also be created from a woven wrap by a professional converter. Straps come slim or in wrap fabric (able to spread).

Front, hip and back carries can be done with a Mei Tai and they can be adjusted for any age.
Mei Tai suppliers include; Lenny Lamb, Baby Hawk, Palm and Pond, MNS and many others.

Ring Slings

Ring Slings are one length of material – yet a lot shorter than a woven or stretchy. One end is attached to 2 rings and the loose end is threaded through the rings to create a pouch for baby/child as a one shoulder sling.

Great for quick up and downs and baby is also easy to access. One shoulder carries can be done on your front, hip or back.

They can be made from woven fabric, cotton or blends and tend to come in one size though due to them being to be able to be created from most materials same can be shorter than others!
Can be very supportive for little newborns or large toddlers!

Muslin RingSling is available to buy through Wrapamore and has been created for Wrapamore.


Buckle carriers come in all shapes and sizes, materials and forms. Can be similar to the Mei Tai but with buckles instead of fabric to tie.

Come in baby, toddler and pre-school size and there are a lot of different brands, such as; Ergo, Beco, Manduca, Moby, Emei baby etc.

Also you can purchase half buckles or full buckles. Half buckles do have buckles on waist and Mei Tai straps.

Can be popular with Dads or other family members or people that feel they do not have time to wrap – perhaps have other children


Similar to Mei Tai but have no waist strap. Originally a Korean carrier it is very versatile and due to the many different sized panels that can be created, it is a carrier that can be used if you have more than one child. The size is extremely adjustable and therefore you can swap which child is carried without any adjustment.

Currently available from small companies or WAHMs.


This is again similar to a Mei Tai, but the waist straps have rings like a ring sling to tighten and size.

Currently available from small companies and WAHMs.

Pouch Sling

A pouch sling is one piece of fabric – in a loop. Can be made of stretchy fabic and come adjustable or sized to the person carrying. Can be very useful and quick – a great sling for under the pram or in the changing bag!

They come as single or double pouches (such as the Tricotti) and can be great for newborns or bigger toddlers!

Currently available from Little Possoms, Pouchlings, and other retailers.

Overall, don’t forget to be safe, comfortable and happy when your carry!!!!