What is Wrapamore?

Wrapamore is a UK based family run business, retailing baby slings, wraps and carriers worldwide.

Run by a babywearing family, based in the South of England, Wrapamore stocks a range of carriers as well as being a sling manufacturer.

Via our website you can learn where to start with Babywearing or about something new! As well as a range of slings to purchase we have a well stocked blog and information on our local sling meet.

What we do

We pride ourselves on selling a handpicked range of baby carriers that are unique, stunning and practical. 

Everything stocked by Wrapamore has been tried and tested personally. Each product is chosen by one of our consultants after a process of developing a love for the brand. Every brand that we stock is manufactured by a family run business no matter how big or small.

Wrapamore currently has two consultants, who teach babywearing through a series of workshops as well as one to one consultations.

Babywearing can be simple, practical and create love. Wrapamore hopes to make that a little more possible through our monthly free workshops and our affordable range of baby carriers.<


A Babywearing consultant can assist you on your journey in carrying your baby. They can asses your needs as a family in regards to babywearing and suggest a range of carriers to suit you. Many consultants have a wealth of knowledge and can offer one to one sessions pre birth, post birth and at any age you wish to carry your child.

Vikki Herbert

I’m a mother of two and live in Dorset between Ringwood and Christchurch. I help run meets with Dorset Sling Library and am qualified with Slingababy school of babywearing as a consultant.

I have carried both of my babies from birth, even though my first was rather large and I suffered from severe pelvic issues with both babies. I found that babywearing really helped our bond build in times of need and enabled my husband to experience the closeness that only a mum can feel when carrying during pregnancy. It also assisted me physically as pushing a large double pram was not possible with hip problems.

Tom Herbert

I have recently become a trainee Consultant with School of Babywearing and help run Wrapamore.  I do offer one to one consultations and am hoping to run workshops for Dads in the near future. I carried both of my children since birth and still carry them now at aged four and two.

Our Hope for Wrapamore is to spread the BabyWearing love and help other parents experience the joy of carrying their babies through consultations, workshop and online advice.

If you would like to know more about carrying your baby or the services Wrapamore provides please contact me via email or phone or click on the services tab!

Happy BabyWearing!!!